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who we are

Our Motivation

Purpose Statement of Ministry

To see the movement of God throughout a city supported by leaders acting in unity for the well-being of their city so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus.

In order to see people in every nation truly following Jesus every day in all that they do, we need to engage workplace leaders in cities within those nations who want to learn how to truly follow Jesus every day in everything they do. This requires a new approach, an approach which is self-sustaining so that it can multiply without being financially carried by outside funds. Cities Project has found an approach that we believe is self-sustaining, transferable, and locally inspirational. The early results of this approach have been substantial and we pray fervently for God’s will to be “done on earth as it is in heaven” (Mt 6:10), in every nation, in every city.

Problem Statement

A few years ago we hired Barna Research to help us understand where people work and what they know about Jesus. We discovered that only 1% of the Christians work in the religion domain.  Cities Project seeks to mobilize the other 99% of the Body of Christ whose workplace is outside the religion domain.  This mobilization goes beyond simply equipping people to do what religion domain workers typically do. Cities Project equips leaders to live an integrated life where Jesus is a part of all of their behavior and seasoned with winsome speech.  Far too often, leaders working outside the church have been utilized only for the kingdom work done by the local church, which often overlooks the myriad of other purposes God has designed for His people.  We challenge leaders to discover all that God has for each of them, “that He prepared beforehand” (Ephesians 2:10). Cities Project enables leaders within a city to come together with peers to cause their city to be lifted up just as it says in Proverbs 11:11: “By the blessing of the upright a city is exalted.”  When the entire city is lifted up through workplace leaders living an integrated life, it both introduces many people to Christ and supports human flourishing in all its many aspects.

Project Description

Cities Project is an MBA level application strategy that focuses on leaders who work within the various domains of society (business; education; government; family; arts, sports & entertainment; media; and religion), because those leaders have already been equipped by God to influence many other workers within their spheres of influence. The strategy involves an intense whole-life discipleship training seeking to bring leaders into the presence of God in every part of their lives. We use the notion of apprenticeship and proven adult learning styles to help leaders be able to pass on their lives in Christ to others by a structure of sound teaching and good modeling, just as Paul wrote to Titus: “Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in your teaching show integrity, dignity, and sound speech.” Near the end of our discipleship training we challenge leaders to ask God about His purpose for them within His kingdom on this earth. As that purpose becomes clear, we help the leaders form Impact Groups intended as both a spiritual outreach to their peers and a blessing to many of those in the city. The long-term result will be the growth of the kingdom of God, blessing of the city and glory to God as the whole city sees the love of Christ lived out in unity.

Our Challenge

The Cities Project

For more than 60 years Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCi) has been committed to evangelism and discipleship. Many times during that history, CCCi has been very creative -- now is one of those times. The Cities Project is a laboratory opportunity in up to 10 cities around the globe to explore new methods of engaging non-believers in hearing, understanding and responding to the gospel. It is the intent of the Cities Project to ignite over 100,000 multiplying disciples for every 10 million people in each city.

The Challenge

It has been said that the world is in trouble and the church is in need. Our perspective is that the world is in need and the church may be in trouble. The influence of the church is increasingly marginalized in culture – and that culture is alarmingly unaware of their need for the gospel. In cultures that are increasingly pluralistic and often hostile to faith in God, we need to seek God's wisdom.

The Great Commission and Great Commandment must be contextualized for the 21st century. We must equip God’s people to live as kingdom-minded men and women in their own cities. They must have a vision for, skills to, and challenge to respond to God’s calling on their life to live out their calling -- God's purpose for their lives.

Specifically, all leaders in God’s kingdom need to live a fully integrated life. But a major barrier has arisen which neutralizes God’s people. Many leaders, conscious of the many demands on their lives, divide their time (and their mind, and their activities) into sacred (church, giving, good works...) and secular (work, family, community responsibilities...). We focus on helping leaders begin or continue on an integrated life journey.

Our Potential & Mission

The Potential

We see a day when cities thrive, being characterized by ever-growing pockets of holistic human flourishing. These are places where true followers of Jesus have become salt and light, where relationships between God, self, others and the world are harmoniously woven together – the context in which humankind was intended to live. This not only gives glory and honor to God, it spreads His common grace, tilling the soil for widespread reception of the gospel.

The Mission

The Cities Project is committed to reach, engage and equip influential leaders who will ignite and accelerate Christ-centered movements that renew all the domains of the city. We see leaders, whose lives tangibly represent God and His kingdom, being winsome and compelling to others. Leaders will be grounded in an integrated life journey that continuously prompts them to discover, grow and share truths that transform their lives, others’ lives and in fact, society around them. We believe that a worldview that is robust enough to stand under the pressures of our culture and integrates our private faith with our public lives will change people’s lives.

Our Strategy & Approach

Our Strategy

Influencers and Cities

As over half of the world’s population now lives in urban areas, cities are the centers of culture and influence. Nearly every cultural, political, artistic or social movement has its roots in the city. Reaching cities is strategic in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Our Approach

Influential leaders in every domain of society with the Gospel of the Kingdom, providing them with basic discipleship, and helping them to be light within their sphere of influence within their city and potentially throughout their nation.


Influential leaders with a process to live an Integrated Life as a kingdom leader, where faith shapes and informs all aspects of their life in the power of the Holy Spirit.


Kingdom leaders with specific skills that empower them in their response to God’s call; and a holistic, biblical worldview so that they will look beyond themselves to steward the specific call God has for them in his kingdom.

Our Discovery Concepts

Key Concepts of Discovery

As with all discipleship we must begin with the end in mind. Although every individual is different, and enters the process of discipleship in a different way or at a different place these key concepts are crucial to holistic discipleship.

    1. Discovery I : Basic Concepts
      1. Knowing Christ
      2. Walking in the Spirit
      3. Engaging in conversational evangelism
      4. Leading Someone to Christ
      5. Practicing spiritual disciplines (listening to God, Quiet Times, studying the Word, prayer, giving…)
      6. Becoming a multiplying disciple
    2. Discovery II: Expanding Your Horizons
      1. Growing as a true follower of Jesus
      2. Embracing the Great Commission and Great Commandment
      3. Living in the story of God’s kingdom
      4. Appreciating God’s view of family
      5. Learning to live and grow in community
      6. Initiating or engaging movements
    3. Discovery III: Taking Responsibility
      1. Identifying and removing the secular/sacred divide
      2. Applying your calling and your gifts
      3. Becoming familiar with the theology of city
      4. Embracing vocation and it’s role in God’s kingdom
      5. Examining societal change and the role of God’s people
      6. Multiplying your impact

Our Hallmarks

Our Hallmarks

Silversmiths mark their work with a hallmark that identifies it as “one of his.” And so it is with the Cities Project – there are certain things that will be true of Christ-centered movements led by Kingdom Leaders – and these are our hallmarks.

    God is actively at work

    God is at work; He has been at work; He works in places and ways unknown to us. We encourage specific prayer to help all of us identify and engage leaders selected by God for His purposes in each city.

    As we seek to join with what God is doing everywhere in the world, we need to un- derstand how big God is and how much He cares about…

    God cares about the whole life

    God values every aspect of our life (work, church, family, service, etc.). As true disciples of Jesus our faith should inform all that we do and result in an integrated life.

    As we come to understand the importance God places on all the components of our lives we desire to see His fingerprints evident on every part. Yet we know this is simply not possible by our own eðorts. That is why…

    Being Spirit-filled is central

    We believe the Holy Spirit gives the power to live your calling, experience a full and meaning- ful life and participate with God as He builds spiritual movements. These movements bless and attract people who will ultimately follow Jesus and become growing disciples.

    What happens in our lives as a result of the inner working of God’s Holy Spirit will natu- rally spill out into our daily lives and the world around us…

    The results should be visible

    We should expect and measure Christ-cen- tered change in individuals, institutions and societies. Winning people to Christ and help- ing them grow into multiplying disciples is in- tegral to all change and renewal.

    As these changes occur we also begin to see real solutions for the needs in our world today. This is especially true when people in strategic points of influence al- low God’s Spirit to work through them and maximize the leverage entrusted to them. That is why The Cities Project focuses on influential leaders…

    Influential leaders have an essential role

    God has selected individuals who have influ- ence at all levels of society and who work in all domains: marketplace; arts and entertain- ment; government; media; education; family and religion. While all people are important to God, we focus on those who have influence so that all can be reached.

    In most cases these people of influence are focused in the leading cities of the nations and our world, so…

    Cities themselves are important in God’s plan

    Cities are the centers of culture and influence. Christ-centered movements should touch ev- ery part of a city.

    In order to penetrate all domains of a city we need to develop a strong appreciation for all that God expects within His kingdom on earth. To help us reflect God’s love for all of His creation, it is good to be sure that our perspective is clear and Biblical…

    A Biblical worldview is essential

    As true followers of Jesus, we want to have a picture of how God has laid out His story from the beginning to the end. We want to have a Biblical lens through which all of life can be interpreted. This helps us to under- stand God’s plan for our individual lives and the world in which we live and for which we exercise stewardship.

    This Biblical worldview is not only impor- tant to help us make sense of issues in our world but it will help us as we have meaning- ful gospel conversations with those we en- counter in every walk of life. The worldview also sheds new light on the God-honoring communities in which we are involved in day to day and helps us to realize that…

    Mission-focused communities are God’s design

    God created us to live and work in community. It is in these communities that individuals learn to deepen their faith and live out their calling and it is through these communities that spiri- tual movements will be established.

    These communities will naturally overlap with or work along side of vital works that God is doing through other individuals and organizations. This is healthy and should be encouraged because we recognize that to see the growth of God’s Kingdom…

    It involves the whole Body of Christ

    We recognize that the whole Body of Christ must be mobilized in the effort to launch spiri- tual movements in every city and so acknowl- edge the importance and value of support and collaboration throughout all domains.

Our Team

Leadership Team

Dr. Robert C. Varney

Vice President, CCCI

Bob Varney holds a Ph.D. in computer science from The Pennsylvania State University. After doing research at Bell Laboratories for three years, Bob began a 25-year career as an entrepreneur, where he headed three companies and either merged them with public companies or led the initial public offering. He was co- founder of Analytic Disciplines, Inc., a hardware/software architecture firm; founding CEO of International Telesystems Corp., a data/voice systems manufacturer with more than 10 US patents; and founding CEO of, among the top three Christian websites today. Bob retired from the marketplace in 1998.

During his entrepreneurial career Bob was invited to the White House under Pres. Clinton, as part of a select group of CEOs, for an economic briefing by President Clinton. He appeared in The Wall Street Journal Report on ABC television during a review of the University of Maryland’s Dingman Center for Entrepreneurs. In addition he has testified on Capitol Hill, he was a member of the Washington/ Baltimore Venture Capital Group, was on the Board of Advisors for the J. Warren McClure School of Communication Systems Management at Ohio University, was on the Executive Committee of the American Entrepreneurs for Economic Growth (AEEG), and was asked to chair the newly formed Greater Washington Chapter of the Council of Growing Companies.

Bob served as advisor to Dr. Bill Bright, who commissioned him as architect for a seamless transition to the new president, Dr. Steve Douglass. In addition, since October 2000, Bob has chaired a partnership called Table 71 which is a loose federation of large non-profits whose goal is to help reach all the remaining unreached people groups of the world; Table 71 includes the heads of Campus Crusade, Wycliffe, YWAM, IMB, DAWN, Walk Thru the Bible and Free Indeed Ministries. From 2005-2007 Bob served as Executive Director of the Christian Embassy in Washington DC. Bob began a focus on cities in 2007 and with the re-organization in 2010 Bob was appointed a Vice President of CCC responsible for one of four global CCC strategies called Leader-led Movements.  In 2013 Bob was asked to shift his responsibilities to start a focused project of CCC called the Cities Project.  See LinkedIn for additional information/interaction.

Sandy, his wife of 47 years, was recognized by Washingtonian Magazine as one of the metro area’s “Top 100 Dentists.” They are the parents of two married daughters and have five grandchildren. Sandy started and led the History’s Handful Women’s Partnership and was also an active part of the Design Team for the Significant Women publication.

Hugh Brandt

City Consultant

Hugh holds a BSC in Forestry and Outdoor Recreation from Colorado State University. He and his wife Lynn have been married for 29 years with two grown children and have lived in three major cities their whole married life: Harare, Zimbabwe, London, England and Denver, Colorado. Hugh and Lynn have served for 35 years with Campus Crusade for Christ. Hugh has served as a secondary school teacher in Lesotho; as a chaplain at the University of Zimbabwe; as the Campus Coordinator for university ministry in 18 Western European countries and as the City Director for inner city ministry in Denver, Colorado.

Hugh currently works as a City Consultant with the Cities Project, a focused project of CCCI. He consults with 3 cities in Africa: Alexandria, Abidjan and Johannesburg. He also serves as a Strategy Consultant for Cru City in the Denver, Colorado. The focus of both teams is city transformation through God’s kingdom leaders in the domains of education, business, government, family, media, the arts, and religion.

His wife Lynn teaches English as a Second Language to immigrants in their homes to help them assimilate and flourish in USA culture.

Alan Schutz

City Consultant

Alan Schutz is a City Consultant for the Cities Project working specifically with the cities Bangalore, India and São Paulo, Brazil.

Alan most recently served as the National Director of Priority Associates, Campus Crusade for Christ’s marketplace ministry in the US. Overseeing hundreds of staff and volunteer leaders in dozens of cities helped Alan develop perspectives and skills to help leaders respond to their callings to be a part of transforming lives and the world around them.

Alan has earned both BBA and MA degrees from Stetson University and has worked in business and the arts in marketing, public relations, and project development. He enjoys book collecting, cycling and has run several marathons. Alan and his wife have two children and live in Orlando, Florida.

Rolando Justiniano

City Consultant

Rolando Justiniano was the Director for Campus Crusade for Christ in Latin America from 1987 to 2009.  He gave leadership to 600 national leaders and several thousand volunteers in 25 countries.  They evangelized, built disciples and developed leaders in a process that helped establish hundreds of thousands of Christian churches in cities and rural towns all around Latin America. From 1978 to 1987 Rolando was the National Director for Peru, México and Brazil and also the Director of Administration and Training and Leadership Development.

Rolando is the founder and president of the Iberoamerican Leadership University which started in 1996.  The University trains emerging and current leaders to have visión and integrity to lead the transformation of institutions, business, art, sport and government in their Latin American countries.

Rolando was the former president of OPTIMIZARE Latinoamerica from 2003 to 2009.  It trained thousands of young profesionals and business people with MAXIMAZERS principles in partnership with Future Achievement International.

Rolando is the co-founder of the Iberoamerican Christian Broadcasters Asociation (COICOM), which is a leader and promoter of the effective use of media for the evangelization, discipleship and transformation of the Latin American continent.

Currently Rolando is the Cities Project Consultant for Latin America with a focus on Bogota, Colombia.  He is also developing this strategy in 10 other cities in 8 countries.