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When I live out my calling...

...It changes everything


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When I live out my calling...

...It changes my family


When I live out my calling...

...It changes my work

When I live out my calling...

...It changes our city

Engaging Leaders to Live Out Their Calling for the Well-being of Their City

Leadership Circle

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Is this for YOU?

Your Work matters.  Your Leadership can make a difference. 

Leadership Circle is an executive-level group of spiritually mature Kingdom Leaders who are positioned to make a transformational impact in their respective spheres of influence.  Sensing the motivation of the Holy Spirit to “do something,” put faith into action, and steward the gifts and resources God has ordained in their lives,  Leadership Circle members seek to more effectively live out their callings for Kingdom work in their workplaces and communities. 

Through nine monthly, highly interactive, biblically-based sessions, participants engage with their peers to gain new insight on living an integrated life and recognizing how God is motivating them with an itch, passion, or frustration to make a difference in an area of His redemptive work in the world.   Whether large scale, micro enterprising, or servant- based, participants develop the discernment and guidance needed to match the callings placed on their hearts with an intentional strategy for impacting the needs around them. 

If you sense God tugging your heart to embrace a greater purpose for your position of leadership in His Kingdom, Leadership Circle is for you.

Our Method

Each year new sets of Kingdom Leaders engage in nine paradigm-shifting topics (click on Resources tab) and become members of the broader Leadership Circle in their city. Out of the Leadership Circle, Impact Groups are formed around the strategic match-up between the needs of the community or city and the callings God has placed on the hearts of the Kingdom Leaders. We will also provide tools for discernment of the needs placed on the hearts of Kingdom Leaders and their respective callings, the opportunity to engage with others that have similar callings, and guidance in how best to form Impact Groups. The rate that an Impact Group will be able to implement change in the city/community will depend on the city/community and the grace of God; but with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, change is possible. An Impact Group will partner with other groups outside the Cities Project pursuing their common goal for the city/community, recognizing and utilizing existing organizations. Our expectation is that, in addition to providing an opportunity to make a change in the city/community, this side-by-side work by Kingdom Leaders will also be a continuous outreach very naturally introducing Jesus in the course of their work together.

The long term result will be the growth of the kingdom of God, blessing of the city and glory to God as the whole city sees the love of Christ lived out in unity.

Catepillar Diagram

Integrated Life Journey

Integrated Life Journey

DISCOVER the steps in my journey.

The Christian life is filled with discovery, from discovering a personal relationship with Jesus to identifying God’s work around us. There are 18 key concepts that act as a framework and the discovery of those concepts often starts with three questions: What is God’s plan? Where do I fit? What is my responsibility?

GROW in my journey and perspective.

Being made in the image of the triune God, we are designed to be a part of a community in which we can learn from others didactically, in apprenticeships and by immersion experiences.

MULTIPLY my life into others.

The Kingdom Leader naturally draws others to join them in their calling and related causes, exposing others to discover biblical truths and creating relationships and trust around shared interests and hearts.

Transformational Ripple Effect

When Kingdom Leaders are actively growing in their faith, living out their calling, and engaging others, the results are transformational -- both personal and societal.

Transformational Ripple Effect

The City, the Workplace, Your Role

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